Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm a skank.  I admit it.  I belong in a slanket. (That's QVC's version of the Snuggie - and it just sounds like something a skank would wrap up in... Seriously -WHO was the "ad genius" who came up with that name?)  Geez - I couldn't manage to squeeze in one measly post in December?  Life has been a whirlwind of work, baby preparations, Christmas preparations, and let's not forget two birthdays.  And my nerves are shot.  And I think I'm coming down with something.  Does my throat look red?  If you are in a 10 mile vicinity - how 'bout driving by and taking a quick look.  And maybe check my forehead too.  It feels hot.  Where's my mom??

So let's see - Here's a quick catch-up.  I've spent some severe quality time with Adobe InDesign.  I guess you could say we're dating.  But I'll be the first to admit, we need counseling.  Check out the fruit of my InDesign labors - Inspiration in Hand at  My first catalog.  Of course now that I'm done, I can find a million things I would change about the catalog, but man - I felt like I had given birth once it was complete.  70 + hours the final week.  70. Seven + Oh.    And if I didn't love my husband before...  This guy stepped up to the plate for me.  Took care of everything.  Put Cammie to bed every night.  Brought me meals and snacks and goodies while I was glued to my laptop.  Shuffled my child around to different family members so I could concentrate fully.  Held me when I sobbed that I sucked, and the catalog sucked.  Bought me my favorite Welches Sparkling Red Grape Juice to celebrate when I was finished.  Yeah - I know it.  Married a prince, I did.  And here is a page from my child:

Eeeks - it looks easy enough - but just to give you an idea - the paper alone - is 3 different sheets.  A sheet of graph paper, a layer to age, and a layer to give wrinkles, folded edges, etc. Then there's the watercolor brushwork, stitching, book backing, blah, blah, blah.  And the hyperlinks - over 400!  I'm just sayin' - it wasn't a walk in the park.  But man, what a boss I have - to give me the freedom to learn a new software and go creatively crazy.  She's the best I tell ya!  And couldn't you just die over that layout?!  Not only is Rachael Sheedy a mad-talented scrapper, she's a pretty darn awesome photographer too.  We have the best Creative Team!!

And now on to the fun stuff.  Baby!!  Walls painted, crib put together.  Let me tell you - that thing was a mother to assemble.  But I did it.  Hear me roar.  And for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of quick pics of the nursery:
Can you feel it?  I guess I kinda got a thing for owls.  I ended up taking photographs of the owl and some of the other animals in the quilt for the wall artwork.  Super easy.  Super cheap.  Just they way mama likes it!  I can hardly wait to get our sweet guy home.  And, we are about 90% sure we have arrived at a name.  And just in the nick of time.  He's due in about a week!  Brody Lee.  Mmmm  - I just love it.  And was shocked beyond belief that David agreed.  I'm so into the Scottish and Irish names, and he is so not.  But he likes it!  And it just feels right :-)   There's still that 10% wishy-washiness lingering, but I think this is the winner.  We've found several meanings for the name Brody - some I'm clinging to more than others.  "Muddy Place" I can do without - but we've also found "Builder" and "Brother".  That -  I can work with!  And Lee is beyond perfect because it honors everyone!  His birthmommy's middle name is Lee Ann.  As is Cammie's birthmom.  And it's my dad's middle name.  And David's grandmother's maiden name.  Check, check, check.

I'd say the hardest thing about adopting is the complete and total lack of control in the whole process.  It is a total process of faith.  Faith that everything will work out.  I've never considered myself a control freak...but it is so hard not knowing when this little guy will come.  We are traveling to Texas to get him.  Finally decided to drive because I have to have all the baby paraphernalia.  Pack and play, car seat, newborn clothes, 3 month clothes if he's a big boy, bottles, boppy, see where I'm going with this.  Not to mention all our stuff, toys to keep Cammie occupied...Major packing, 2-day trip.  And when to leave??  If we wait until our sweet birthmom is in labor - can we get there in time?  And where to stay?  We need 2 bedrooms.  Do we stay near my brothers in Texas or near where the baby is born?  Is it cheaper to rent a house or condo instead of staying in a suite at a hotel?  If we commit to a month lease - what do we do if the baby has to stay in the hospital for a while or we get approval to leave really fast?  Or the adoption falls through?  And can I take care of a newborn and Cammie by myself in a place that is NOT home?  David can only be with us on the weekends.  Yeah, I'm freaking a little.  Bringing this baby  home will involve a lot of discomfort and sacrifice during the process, but the joy will outweigh it all.  Much like child birth I imagine!  But I know in my heart this is baby boy is meant to be in our home.  And I can't wait to meet him!!  Hurry, hurry Brody!!  Your family is waiting!

Stay tuned for Holiday and Birthday pics updated SOON.  For now - Happy New Year!!  May this year be a wonderful one for you and your family!!


rsheedy said...

When Jessica said you guys were putting out an inspiration catalog, I pictured something very basic...which is what I would have done, lol. So when I saw the catalog I was absolutely floored; I LOVE it! You did an AMAZING job! Sounds like I may have to check out InDesign, now!

Good luck with the adoption; you are a brave soul. I can't imagine how heart-wrenching it must be. You are absolutely amazing!!

Tamara said...

Love the name! We are so excited for you guys!! We wish you the best. We can't wait to hear of his arrival. Let us know. Good luck!

Linda said...

Have I told you lately how awesome you are?
You are freaking awesome!

You know how much I love what you did with the inspiration catalogue. And I just have to say that the nursery is the cutest thing ever.

Good luck with everything going on in the near future!

iKari Designs said...

Oh, the Inspiration in Hand ... genius and exquisite. The nursery ... beyond amazing. The trip details ... staggering. The idea of you snuggling Brody for the first time - priceless. Warmth and fuzziness to you in this fabulous time! Love you beyond words :) *MWAH*

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