Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She’s Alive…

Yep – It’s been a LONG time since my last post.  Two and half months long.  And it feels like longer.  I guess you could say I’ve been on maternity leave ;-).  So I’m issuing a disclaimer:  This is going to be mother of a long post.  Now.  You’ve been warned.  Grab a snack, get comfy.  Here we go!
We left for Texas on January 5th, with me…sick as a dog.  I seriously don’t think I’ve been that sick in a long time.  There are not words to describe a two-day trip in the car, sick, with a 4 year old.  So I won’t.  Just know, my friend, it was hard.  And then we spent some quality time in Stephenville, TX, waiting for our birthmom to go into labor.  That Brody was a wily one.  Made us think he was on his way for almost a week.  So we hung out at the La Quinta, played video games, took a ride over to Dublin.  How could we be SO close to the home of Dr. Pepper without paying our respects?  Wow.  An experience every Dr. Pepper lover must have.  A Dr. Pepper made with the original Imperial Pure Cane Sugar formula.  drpepper copy Ah Yeah.  Does it taste different you ask?  You bet your sweet patootie.  So much smoother, perfect amount of carbonation, amazing taste.  {I don’t know about you, but I find Dr. Pepper to be TOO carbonated.  Seriously- if you can let a drink sit out opened overnight, and it still has enough carbonation to burn your nose when you drink it the next day…this is nature’s way of saying it’s too much.  And don’t get me started on Pepsi – which loses its carbonation in 10 minutes…}

Okay – back to the important stuff.  We did get the opportunity to meet our birthmom face-to-face, with some of her family, during the wait – which was incredible!  It was like meeting old friends.  These are some people I could definitely hang out with, party with.  And what a huge relief!  We were so nervous, and there was nothing to be nervous about.  The funniest thing about our meeting – when they told us they had dogs named Cammie and Brody LOL.  That’s all I needed – meant to be!  Birthmom was induced Monday morning, January 11th .  Our sweet birthmom did fantastic! – two pushes – that’s it!  Isn’t she a rock star? While waiting to see him, I got the treat of a lifetime.  A nurse took me aside and told me that the babies generally stay in their mother’s room.  And then she showed me to my own room, where I could wait to see Brody and stay with him while he was in the hospital.  To say I was over the moon, would be putting it mildly!  I got the full Mommy experience (sans the delivery!)!  About 30 minutes after he was born, my sweet, sweet boy was brought into our hospital room to meet the family.  And you guessed it, it was love at first sight.
I know what you’re thinking! Isn’t he divine??  This gorgeous little person looks perfect.  Perfect skin, perfect little head.  Straight from heaven and brand new.  Looking at this picture, I can remember his newborn smell.  It absolutely does NOT get better than this.  It just doesn’t.  I am so profoundly grateful for the opportunity given to me by his birthmom to hold him and bond with him so quickly after he was born.  Here are *ahem a couple of highlights from the first of many photo shoots:
Once we were released from the hospital, we waited about a week and a half in Texas before we got permission to leave.  That was a LONG wait.  David had to leave Sunday morning so I was without my other half for almost a week.  All I have to say is – Thank goodness for family.  I do NOT know what I would have done without the help of my family. 
Let me start by saying that all my brothers better count their lucky stars that they landed the ladies they call wife.  These girls are beyond awesome.  My Amy is close by and would do anything for me, and does - constantly taking the Camster off my hands.  And my Stephanie is now close-by too – and loves to come and hold my baby boy {and watch Lost ;-) }.  And then there’s my Jill.  I was able to stay with my brother’s family in Allen while David was gone and let me tell you – my sister-in-law Jill – took. care. of. me.  I had my own room – with a glider to rock my sweet one in, a house full of girls -eager to hold my munchkin so I could catch a nap or take a break.  She fed me well– too well (I’m still dreaming of her Chicken Enchiladas), she took my Cammie under her wing and let her follow her all over the house talking a mile a minute as only Cammie can, asking every question imaginable – even took her to the movies.  And she was the first soul I entrusted to leave the little nugget with so Cammie and I could have some Mommy time.  The girls helped with baths and entertaining Cammie.  I’m telling you – there will never be anyway I can thank the whole family enough for helping me get through that week.  I’m so grateful for this amazing woman and the amazing family she’s raising!  I can’t imagine my own sister (if I had one) taking any better care of me. 
And then there’s my youngest brother who stepped up to the plate to drive us {an exhausted/grumpy mom, an exhausted/grumpy 4 year-old, and an exhausted/grumpy newborn} back to NC.  And I’m happy to say – our relationship survived {barely} the ultimate test. And he may eventually want to have kids after the ordeal.    But it was so sweet to drive up in my drive way to see blue ribbons tied to anything that would stand still (insert mental picture here.  I forgot to take picture!) courtesy of my dear Mother-in-law.  And my mom waiting inside to stay with me for a week and help me get acclimated.  Yep – I’m a lucky girl!  I don’t know how people make it without family support.
We are slowly adjusting to life as a family of four.  Between me getting sick again, Brody getting RSV, 5 deaths of family and friends, figuring out HOW to work again LOL, Cammie dropping out of preschool, it’s been a little bumpy.  But all worth it.  Once again, we hit the baby jackpot.  Another successful adoption :D  We feel so blessed!!  Over the next couple of months, we’ll have visits from our agency, paperwork to file with the State, but, in about 6 months’ time, we’ll be official, and this little guy will be ours forever!
Couldn’t you just DIE over that hat?  I had to get it – there was no option.  When I saw it on Etsy – I knew it would be mine.  Oh yes, it would be mine.  Er…his.  Check out The Girly Tutu to grab one for the little nugget in your life!!
More updates to come!  I’m tired.  Consider this intermission ;-)  I’ve got to go feed Baby Bro!


peaceliving said...

Congratulations Kristen! He is beautiful. I'm so glad to get to know you and the others as this year!

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